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1. Sufficient supply, fast delivery. The enterprise has many large secondary specialized warehouses in many cities, and has in-depth cooperation with domestic logistics of 4A level or above. The logistics distribution is timely and accurate. It can order the goods on the same day and deliver the goods on the same day. Customers can query the goods at any time.
2. Provide technical support and formulation analysis. The company has a senior scientific research team to provide domestic dry powder building materials solutions, such as color decorative mortar, external wall insulation mortar, tile adhesive, color caulking agent, internal and external wall putty, villa grade putty and other dry powder building materials.
3. The reason of the cooperation is that there are no conditions for the return of the products. Fill in the message in the website and get the sample!
4. After sales service. Customers enjoy VIP specialist service with sales manager. Customer satisfaction is our enterprise development strong source of continuous power! People oriented, quality first, service in place, customer satisfaction is the standard to test our work.

? ?? The company has introduced advanced production equipment, advanced cellulose ether HPMC and redispersible latex powder research and development sites, and adopts international scientific management methods. The company has 5 production lines and large-scale secondary specialized warehouses in different cities to ensure the supply demand fundamentally.

We have developed a series of new products, such as hydroxypropyl cellulose powder, hydroxyethyl cellulose powder and so on. Enterprises and many universities at home and abroad to maintain a high level of technical exchanges and cooperation, to provide technical support for customers and friends.

The company has a professional sales team and technical research team. To provide customers with satisfactory product and technical requirements. According to the customer's situation, provide professional telephone, online technical service, if necessary, can make an appointment for technical personnel to the field service.

? ? The enterprise implements strict after-sales quality service management and tracking system, and establishes customer files. Customers can inspect and accept products such as hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose and redispersible latex powder according to the technical specifications of the goods. In case of insufficient quantity or quality problems found in the process of acceptance, our company can return the products unconditionally and bear the responsibility of issuing the products accordingly Cost and loss.

Relying on its own product quality and brand influence, Shandong Chenbang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is cooperating with well-known manufacturers at home and abroad. Supporting business: building materials dry powder additives and water-based latex and other coating additives. "Chenbang" has become a "one-stop" service provider.

Introduction to Chen Bang

Shandong Chenbang fine chemical introduced advanced production equipment and technology, has a modern cellulose ether and redispersible latex powder production line, and with its strict quality control system and detection system and perfect on-site service to ensure the provision of satisfactory products for users. There are hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC, hydroxyethyl cellulose HEC, hydroxypropyl starch ether HPS, redispersible latex powder series. Products are widely used in ...

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