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1. Adequate supply and efficient delivery. The company currently has 6000 tons / year of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (industrial grade), 2000 tons / year of daily chemical grade hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, 2000 tons / year of hydroxypropyl starch ether, 2000 tons / year of hydroxyethyl Five production lines of cellulose-based, 10,000 tons / year redispersible polymer powder. The company has several large technical secondary warehouses in key cities across the country, and has in-depth cooperation with domestic 4A or above logistics. The logistics distribution is timely, safe and accurate, and it can be ordered on the same day.
2. Provide technical support and formula analysis. The company has a senior scientific research team to provide the most authoritative dry powder building materials solutions in China, such as colored decorative mortars, exterior wall insulation mortars, tile adhesives, color jointing agents, interior and exterior wall putty, villa-grade putty and other dry powder building materials.
3. Exclusive Commitment: Unconditional return and exchange due to problems caused by product quality after cooperation. Fill in the information in the customer's message on the website, and get a free sample!
4, high-quality after-sales. Customers enjoy one-on-one VIP specialist services with sales managers. Customer satisfaction is a constant driving force for the development and growth of our company! People-oriented, quality first, service excellence, the pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction is the test of our work.

     The company has introduced the world's top production equipment, has the most advanced cellulose ether HPMC and redispersible powder research and development center, and adopts international scientific management methods. Health certification). The company has 5 production lines and large-scale technical secondary warehouses in different cities, which basically guarantees the supply demand.

Has a high standard configuration laboratory, has a R & D team composed of doctors, masters, graduate students, mainly engaged in research and development of new products, invention patents and invention specifications of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, hydroxyethyl cellulose and other cellulose ether series and Redispersible powder series. The company maintains a high level of technical exchanges and cooperation with key universities at home and abroad, and its technology is always ahead of the industry.

The company has a professional sales team and technical research team. Provide customers with satisfactory product and technical requirements. According to the customer's situation, provide professional telephone, online technical service, if necessary, can reserve technicians for on-site service.

The enterprise implements a strict after-sales quality service management and tracking system, and establishes customer files. After customers purchase our company's hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, redispersible polymer powder and other products, customers can follow the technical specifications and quality standards of the goods. When the product is inspected and accepted, during the acceptance process, insufficient quantities or quality, technical and other problems are found, our company can return unconditionally and bear all the costs and losses incurred.

Relying on its own product quality and brand influence, Shandong Shanbang Fine Chemicals now cooperates with well-known manufacturers at home and abroad. Supporting operations: dry powder additives for building materials and water-based latex and other coating additives. Shanbang has become a manufacturer and service provider that provides customers with "one-stop procurement and technology solutions".

Shan State Introduction

Shandong Yongbang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and is located in Yucheng, Dezhou, a cotton production base. The factory covers an area of 55,000 square meters and a construction area of 28,000 square meters. The company currently has 226 employees, including 98 professional and technical personnel, and 25 people with high and intermediate technical titles.

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