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Hydroxypropyl starch ether

I. Technical requirements:  

“宸邦” 羟丙基淀粉醚 HPS) 是以天然植物为原料,经过改性、高度醚化反应、然后喷雾干燥而得到的白色精细粉末,不含增塑剂。 1. "Shenbang" hydroxypropyl starch ether ( HPS) is a white fine powder obtained from natural plants as raw materials, modified, highly etherified, and then spray-dried, without plasticizers. It is completely different from ordinary starch or modified starch.

Quality standard: Q / SHD004-2007



Viscosity mPa.s

400-1200(5%水溶液) 400-1200 (5% aqueous solution)


5 5

PH value

8-10 (3.75% aqueous solution)






4 -2. 0 1. 4 -2. 0



Sulfur dioxide


Heavy metal (as Pb)%


Arsenic (as As)%



350微米 350 microns


Cold water dissolution

应用领域: Application fields:
Can be used as admixtures for cement-based products, gypsum-based products and grey calcium products. Has good compatibility with other building additives. 配合使用,能起到增稠作用,促进内部结构,具有更好的抗裂性和提高和易性。 Used in combination with hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether ( HPMC) , it can play a thickening role, promote internal structure, have better crack resistance and improve ease. HPMC 添加量。 The addition of modified starch ether can significantly reduce the amount of HPMC added.

应用 特性 Application characteristics :
1. Good fast thickening ability; medium viscosity, some water retention;
2. The dosage is small, and the extremely low addition amount can achieve a high effect;
3. Improve the anti-sliding ability of materials;
4. Improve the operation performance of the material and make the operation smoother.
5. Extend the opening time of materials;
建议应用于以下材料中 4. It is recommended to be applied to the following materials :

( 水泥、石膏、灰钙基 ) 内、外墙腻子粉; 1. Various types ( cement, gypsum, gray calcium based ) putty powder for internal and external walls
( 瓷砖、石材 ) 粘结剂; 2. Various types of ( tile, stone ) adhesives;
3. Various decorative mortars and various plastering mortars.

0.05%-0.1% 同时可以降低甲基纤维素醚 0.1% 左右。 4. Recommended dosage: 0.05% -0.1% can reduce methyl cellulose ether by about 0.1% .

5. Packaging :
/ 25 kg / bag

6. Storage :
Stored in a cool and dry place, the opened packaging bag should be sealed again to prevent moisture penetration. When stacked, it should not exceed 1 pallet.

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